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the be-Here destroy for and of in he as of the be all of Only Hope for Defeat of Anti-Poll Tax Bill Is Prolonged Debate a it By H. E. C. Bryant -Washington, Nov. 16. The sntl-poll tax bill threatens to' provoke another Senate filibuster, Msny who would like to see the objectionable feature of the poll tax laws of eight states eliminated do, not lip the spirit and purpose behind the present movement tc override the will of th people who retain it North Carolina, for Instance, acted of it own accord to do away with It, but Its members of , Congress, House and Senate, are opposed to the plan to force action her at this time. Certain union labor groups and Negro organizations, with aid of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, and other administration talkers are pressing for a showdown In th Senate. It has been generally understood her that the Senate Judiciary committee, which has the bill that passed the House under consideration, favors the measure... Therefore, Its opinion has been fiscounted. The only hope for the defeat of th legislation ia a prolonged debate which would Interfere with all oth er business of the Senate. The vote of the Senate committee, 12 to 8, to report the bill was anticipated. Tne Washington Post owned and published by a leading Republican of the nation, would do away with the poll tax requirement for suf frage and prohibit U possible, filibusters, said this week, in an edito rial: "It would be grossly unfair, of course, to suggest that every opponent of antt-poU tax legislation from the pol Itax states is motivated by selfish considerations. However, the instinct of self-preservatloa Is un doubtedly a powerful factor in but tressing resistance to th proposed legislation and increasing the chan ces for succssful filibustering. Under existing circumstances, there fore, legislators who press for a showdown on poll tax legislation In the midst of war are doing their country a poor service.'' Senator Bilbo of Mississippi who haa shown' that no filibuster Is too long for nun If be is trying to kill s bill haa vowed that the anti-poll tax bill shall not pass so long ash Uvea and retain hla lung power. He will be assisted In his opposition to the measure by others who know how to talk without stopping. It looks now as If the 8enate Is in for a prolonged discussion on legislation that should nave been , withheld until a better tune. The chief advocate of action now Is the Hon. Vita Marcantonlo, an ' American Party membe)c.,9t'.the House from New York. He as barred from the House committee on the Judiciary by Democrats after the Ways and Means Committee bad been persuaded to recommend him fof that assignment A majority of the mem bers of the Senate Judiciary Committee are from the North, East and West, where union labor and Negro voters are taking active and suc cessful parts In elections. : t Rep. Wtlllnra Meyers Colmey' oi the, sixth Mississippi district has framed fellow Democrats that they should remember Kentucky's returns In the recent elections. On the floor of the House he said: Today, November 1L on the 35th anniversary of the signing of the armistice of World War t the boys from the so-called poll, tay states are shedding their Ilfeblood on the seven seas and on the far-flung battle fronts side by side with the boys "who are from th non-poll tax states. The thing that the boys over there from all of the states desire of you and me shove everything els Is unity and a unified effort on the home front to stop this slaughter and win the victory at the earliest possible moment Yet in spit ot this, we are now advised that the Senate, under a Democratic lead ership, proposes to take up the highly controversial and explosive conununlstlcally inspired Issue ot the Federal repeal of the poll tax laws In the Southern States. "Mr. Speaker, you and I know, and every member of this House realizes, that If the South were not regarded as "being In the bar for the Democratic ticket next year this latest onslaught on the Constitution and the South would not be at tempted. The Democratic leadership should tave this note of warning: 'Stop, look and listen I Remember Kentucky!' "Surely those responsible for our legislative program will not permit the smoldering embers of discord to be faned into angry ' flames by the inevitable and extended - filibuster that win ensue in the Senate of the United States at a time when unity of our people ahould be the prime objective of our leadership. Surely this action on the part of the Democratic leadership Is not appreciated by a segment of our people who have nurtured and sustained the Democratic party, throughout the years." Despite the appeals of Mr. Col- mer and other members of Congress from the states affected the leader ship of the Senate win be forced to y(eld to those who court the favors of powerful voting groups in the North. Ihat the move now for final quick action on the anti-poll tax bill is purely political no one conver sant with th facts would deny. Congress has but a little mora than a month to go before the Christmas holidays, and a filibuster, led by Senator Bilbo, can easily be maintained until time to recess. Next year being election year Con gress may not have much time for A poll tax controversy of the magni tude promised by a bitter-end con sideration of the pending btU. A filibuster saved th South from force bill, brovldlng for bayonet at th polls, years ago. The rules ot the Senate enabled Senator . Gor man of Maryland to talk the Lodge bill to death. She 8enat haa about the same rules it bad then. It can stop a filibuster but it requires time to do that and very few Senators relish the Idea of applying the lim ited cloture provision. . ; gCSAtl t.:onoutR PETROLEUM JELLY a) Official record-of the for the m. In areaa Station Ashevllle Atlanta Augusta Charleston Charlotte Chicago Colombia Greensboro Jackaonville Miami Mlnn-St. Mt. New. Raleigh:;.. Spartanburg Tampa Washington Wilmington report 7:39 aw minimum none 1. 4447 H fS jy MOW -4CtlB It's so regularlyall place by dentist's LDr.Wenwt'sPow-der lata solid foods embamaament looaa plataa. prevaat a Lars aat Afldinsaaj M Vi-- PIEDMONT & RAILWAY Notice of Change in Passenger EFFECTIVE SUNDAY, slight changes are being; made schedules. Trains departing1 Belton, Anderson, Greenville will leave at 5 :00 A. M. and 1 :30 from Spartanburg, Greenville, Belton will arrive Greenwood 9:00 P.M. 1

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