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 - PULPIT DECLARED mm b vote Dr. Douglas Johnson U...
PULPIT DECLARED mm b vote Dr. Douglas Johnson U Ousted As Pas- r: tor" Of Morris The pitlplt of Morris Chapel llap-tlt church (colored) wa declared vacant by rote of 15 to H at a cairn h ronferenne Ut Mast and relations wers thereby severed between the congregation and Ha pee-lor. I ha llv. r. Douglas Johnson. The conference was called oral daye ago and ueoa apodal In-. vltatlou, lha IU. W. H. Heler. pastor of WcuLtfll "splist church. presided a moderator, anil Marvin I'arkmaa, . B. Walktna and S, T. Shaw, members of hU Church, aer- , yed aa a tabulating committee. ; The motion on which lha con gregation voted waa simply wbeth r or not the pulpit should ba declared vacant and, after discussion la which numerous members and tba paator, took part, all In Rood .order. It waa taken wltk tha above result. . l, Johnson bad stated that ha would kind If abide W a maturity vota of ttjq oajrregaiton o that bla rnnnpttlon with the tliurrh end- . edluuisnlHtely tidtn announcement UAht tot. " A belaty-e of $09 61 till dua tba pmtinr j referred, Id the deacons and InieUoe of tha church for pay JjmntrT.y ;.-i-ri . , .... 1 1 Johnson baa beea paator of afrrln rtapxl for thraa yeara f.nd thwv hjfftitha and It Isepftfted tliuiitliere haa bea T$M trW friction In the yctsrtsi fori, culminating In a fight In lha church, two yeara a no when tha paator waa aitsrked with a knife by Charlla . JDvens, ona of tha li-sdere of lha congregation.. Thla case want to Court and waa finally settled npon payment of f :00 by Rvana, who In tha mean time withdraw aa a member. .' ' ( Since than It la aald lha feeling Against tha paator baa baan a mouldering and It flared up attain recently with tha raault that the Church conference waa railed. Tha oa (mat Ion which haa no en- With ,. BAL4-Y KII.DKHS ,. , Added , , AUVKNTUKKS . IN Ar KICA No. 8 ' Cartoon . Haunted HoiiMe - r .TODAY ONLY i l i;.i .'-)- ,.,.!,iar. ; It ,T rmtt, 1 1 - Farmers Of County Saturday Will Gather at Court Houm BUckwfod'a Proposal Legislature) to, A maaa mUti of tha farmara e Oraenwood county will be held at lha court hnuaa Saturday morning U 11 o'clock for tha purpoaa of tak liif rflnltf 5 artlon on 'Oovarnor Hlackwooda propoaal to can a tkal araalon of tha Leclalatura to pai a WiHton taw for 1933. County Airt C. Turnw, Jr.. aald thla morning that Senator 8 C. Hodgaa would praaida arid thai tha nwrtlnr will bo devoted a Urals to thla ona aubjoct' Similar meetings will be heM In evnry county aeat of I he eUt In campllanoa with a proclamaUmi W-aued laal night by Ooverno fbra C. Blackwood reading aa followa: a"Whereaa, the over-production of cotton has brought tha aouthern rclton farmer to ttta brink of fi nancial ruin, and It la brinx pre- drted by expert that cotloti will Ml, fw from four and one-half t fits cnta par pound leaa thai, one half tha coat of production and 'Whereas. It la tha eamnat rirt-iir o( the govenor of South Carolina and cthera In auUiorily to ali-t the farmer ' by any prurtltuhla nu-ana within their power; and Wherea, thera la no deeire on ilia5 part of thoaa bi suthorlt to fores the farmer to retrain froaV t lan ting cotton during the year lb33, but merely a purpoaa to make rlfecUve by legislation Iw x-preaaed wlehof of tba farmer of tip atat! ' Leghitalora Invited "New, therefore, I. I- C. Plack? wood, governor of South Carolina, do hereby raU uon all the farmers of South Carolina to awmble at their respective courthouaea on next Saturday, the 39th of August. 1C31, st 11 o'clock for the purpoc rf expressing their opinion with reference to the proposal to forbid lha planting of cotton during th year 1933. and to ndvlae the men.-ten of the general assembly ui to their wttthc. I further call upon all count 1 lejWaUve delegations to alt u tlieae mevUngs and requeat ttu. the date senator or aome member of the eo'inty legtalatlva delegation Near 200 Rebels In Fortress In Havana HAVANA,! Aug. M-MV-Csbana fortress, crowded with some 300 captured rebels, received today 14 members of a filibustering expedl-Uon that lost to federal troops In the battle of Others. Col. Uoo Balm, tha leader, snd the Insurgents laid down their arms vejterda in Orients province. Julio Oaunaurd, publisher of the anti government weekly magsiiine Arlka to, snd Carlos Hevla, son of Col Aurello Hevla, one of six naUonallst leaders, were included With many of the leaders of the movement In prison snd the. re malnder In hiding, there haa been no resumption of open warfare by the insurgents. Tha government, confident that the spirit of the revolt has been broken, nevertheless Is not relaxing vlgllsnce.-.' ' . Orient province atUt was under a state of slegs due to the reportnd tollmen! bf 340, haa shown a mark ed cleavage, both aldea inking very active atanda, thnae defending the pastor being iiiHt as staunch in hie support a those who Innleted on bis removal. 1 Dr. Johneon la a native of Cuba, but was1 reared In Texas, and has served ' In various paetoratea throughout tha Hoiith. He came to Greenwood from Abbeville.

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  2. 26 Aug 1931, Wed,
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