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Colored Churches
Maria Powers Club - Colored Chnrchts C X. . rkarrkttttiaMa street...
Colored Chnrchts C X. . rkarrkttttiaMa street Sunday achool at 1 .o'clock. Sermon At 11:80 o'clock by th pastor. Rev. E. Terry. . ' Rev. Albert Long, D. pastor of Mount Fisgah A. M. E. church, will deliver a lecture at 8:80 p. m. Sermon at 8:80 o'clock by Rev. J. II Walker. IMj Bote; bQcatitt London. (AP) Lady Bose Is the right band, "man' of ' ber husband, Sir. Jagadis Chandra Bose, F. R. 8., the Luth Burbank of India. Sir Jagadis, who maintain that plant hsv feelings, has been lecturing lecturing In London and often tell how Lady Bose has assisted him In hi re search work which has attracted world-wide world-wide world-wide attention. The scientist .dresses la conven tional European clothe, but Lady Bose clings to ber native Indian cos tume, with all Its splendor of hronse and gold, and says ah would not give It up. Vven If she were to mak her hom In London. Mt. Pitf ah A. M. E. Chwh. Bote (Contributoof Please alow me la thla way to thank you tor the Impartial conald- conald- eratlon that I have received at your hand during my stay la Greenwood 8. C. It ha been ray privilege to to hsv been In mora than thirty of these United States, and to have lived severs! fear In foreign countries, countries, and In connection with such ministerial service I could render I have engaged In newspaper work both here and there, however, the Impartial treatment at your hand equnla any that I have received at any point I have served within th paat thirty four years. I believe that the entire group that I represent here are ardent readers of the Indet-Journal, Indet-Journal, Indet-Journal, and that Is fs it should be. I beg of you enough space at thl time to place before the public generally, generally, the namca ot those who will act as captains in our Founders Dav Rally which ends the 10th of Oct lOjg.s Tbe following sisters of thv Mt. Plsgah A. M E. church will act as captains ot the effort In question: Julia Oreyi.Wllllama, The Lona Grey Club; Hattle Weir, the Ruben Williams Williams Club; Ellen Perclval, the An-gelne An-gelne An-gelne Name Club; Jennie McGee. the Lewis Roysl Club; Lillian Ramsey, Ramsey, the B. J. Rsinsey Club; Daisy B Holdmcn, the C. 8. Bradley Club: Willis Smith, the Maria Powers Club Lllla Williams, the Henry Williams Club; GuRRle Waller, the J. B. Lynch Club; Joule Steward, the Sallle Gilliam Gilliam Club; Wilton WHHamg. the R. J. Logan Club; Sallle Lomax, th': Fannie Heard Club; Susan Nance, the Frank Cunningham Club; Katie McDaniel, the Taffy Brooks Club; Matlse Moore, the Qulnsey Younir Club: Edith Queries, - the Jack Queries Club; Mary Moore, the Mack Moore Club; S. J. Rurges sand Har riet Bell, the Mone Bell Club; Ben- Ben- nle Flsber, the William Fisher Club; Amanda Richie, the MoseO Richie Hub; Julia Williams, the Nathan Creswell Club. Each of the Individ uals named have received their com mission from the church they rep regent. They are responsible rr sons and they will make a faithful return of all, aid for our cause that may be placed In their hands. -. -. This comes to ask each ot the white end colored citlsens of Green wood to help our cause through any ot our agents that ma yaporoach yon We mean to do business with the business men here. Bo far at the negro negro group Is concerned, we mean to see to It thst no business man In progressive Greenwood fall. If-any If-any If-any one doubts this, lettyilm watch the practical division of our business men In Greenwood: Wo have no mat. order house eras here. We stand 1100 percent strong for the buslaes ' n .1 . . ... . 1 . inru vi urtrawuuu. im una mi the time. In thla effort we psk each of our agent that may approach yoi Interest In our caul 4n thla (way; No group ran come to Greenwood whost faith. In it Is stronger than I on" faith. And whose loyalty to tbe prln-cie prln-cie prln-cie hit, dlsenwood snibi for can be more expressiv than ours. A BANK OF GREENWOOD , Checking: Account will enable you, without difficulty, to keep a , , . business-like business-like business-like record . of your income and expenditure1, and so . 'v will enable you to set a Savings record. . ,. . ; .'' You will like the "unfailing cour tesy of our service, and your thrift program will be stimulated stimulated by the investment rate of in- in- V teregt 5; that we pay on all Saving deposits. OFFICERS J. K. ntTRfrr, rMent J. P. ABNKT Vh-e-tMent Vh-e-tMent Vh-e-tMent Vh-e-tMent Vh-e-tMent . J. W1M.IAMH WATSON, V-Pre. V-Pre. V-Pre. ''.': J. H KItAN. Piuihler M. W. TI'HNKtt.- TI'HNKtt.- Aiwt. Ceahter t J. a QAMBUELX. AasC Cashlar DIRECTORS J. K. rt'RST "l. WIU.tAMS WATSON ' W. Jl HNEAD W. C RAHOR VjtS71 PR J. II. HKU J. C. Br.l.r it ri nk . - w ui . n Mill :' JI'!sS3 J. T. AP,NEV J. a SLOAN Ol GREENWOOD ESTABLISHED t33 It any ot our agent chance not to ace uny ot our white friends who would like to help ua In this effort, send your contribution to Rev. Al bert Long, P. O. Box No. 621. and (he name-will name-will name-will be announced to the congregation. We mean to help you and that's why we we' are asking you to help us. Rev. D. L. Wither- Wither- spoon the r. E. of tbe Greenwood District of the A. M. E. church wi'l preach for us next Sunday night. He will hold his third quarterly con ference Monday night. Every de partment of the church will be repre sented ct this meeting. We are now arranging our program for our great Father's Day scrvTMo which will b held the fourth Sunday In this monttt Hon. K. Baker, will deliver an ad' drcce at the Mt. Plsgah A. M. S. church at 3:30 p. ra.on that duy. We want every colored man and woman woman end as many of our white friends as posnlblo. to hear him at that time. - The paator will apeuk tor Kev. James of tbe C. M. E. church and hie people Sunday afternoon at 3:30 p. m. Ills morning subject will be "The Value of the Soul In the Mind of God as It Is ReveaUd in the Lire and Labors Labors of Jesug Christ." All are wecomo to each service. SPARE THJS TREE l , 1 '!'' .' 11 ' ' I LOOK WHAT J - .O'j-V .O'j-V .O'j-V UP HERE W diCrJiM Uf WV WOOING! J jfe jlai 1 WlA, ( THAT THEE llijlll J A wa NEVER J The ' man with the proper civic apli it Investigate before he criticises. criticises. He takes the troublo to look into the future of his own home town before he condemn It. 1 The trouble with most critics, as with the knocker In this picture. Is that they do not. know enough about the things they' criticise. Constructive Constructive criticism Is valuable because It carries with it a full knowledge ot the situation, but Just mere knocking knocking la Ignorance on a rampage. ' "'Thertf It nothing elevating or-en-lightening or-en-lightening or-en-lightening or-en-lightening or-en-lightening In continually finding fault, yet the email city frequently has this type of citizen with which to contend; a small minority which thinks tbe town Is not good enough tor them. But It it depended on' their efforts, there would be no town at all. h'you'kno anyone In GREEN-WOQD GREEN-WOQD GREEN-WOQD who cannot see the advantages, advantages, of making thla a bigger and better town, get him to climb th ladder a our booster friend In the picture has 'done, and maybe he will drop ; the tx. for be will see frnlta budg in -town.-. -town.-. -town.-. -town.-. , , . , .

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  1. The Index-Journal,
  2. 14 Aug 1926, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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